We are 100% specialty Arabica coffee.
Vnilla Philanthropic Coffee was founded by three friends who were inspired to make a difference in the world. We recognized that there was a way to use our business as a sustainable means of helping underserved communities and those living in extreme poverty who lack the education, resources, access, and skill sets needed to improve their future. Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, and we are committed to offering high quality, great-tasting Vietnamese coffee beans to consumers around the globe who also care about philanthropy. We are dedicated to sourcing coffee beans from farms in Vietnam that adhere to high standards of farming and processing. We also want to showcase the diverse and elevated coffee varieties produced in Vietnam, a country that has often been misunderstood as offering only a limited range of coffee. By providing top-quality coffee and directly supporting farmers, we hope to introduce a superb product to the world while also using our financial resources to aid and empower impoverished and underserved communities. We are driven by a desire to not only create a delicious product, but to make a heartfelt and meaningful impact on the lives of others through our brand.